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The Benefits of Compounding Medications

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Ah Yes! Compounding Medications. The intrigue .Ben Franklin once said that compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world, I am not sure if  pharmaceutical compounding quite lives up to the magic of compound interest, but it is some magic you can use to get your medicine the way you want in the form that best works for you.  

It used to be every doctor compounded.  If you watched the Knick with Clive Owen these past few years, I am sure you have seen where medicine has come from since then, and honestly, it is a good thing it has.  The mass production of medicine has got medication into the client’s hands wherever it is needed, and we rarely deal with scarcity in product any more.  The downside of that though is that with mass packaging and increased regulations, the compound industry has became a specialty niche, and sometime the advantages for the patients in compounding are dismissed and not brought up by your doctor.  For some patients though I contend that compounding is the right choice.  

The advantages of compounding for you as a patient are many.  One of the first and obvious ones is taste.  Getting a child to take their medication is already a chore.  Think how much easier it would be if the medication was a tasty gummy!  If you are sick of taking your medication in large horse pills, maybe you would prefer a water soluble medication to a standard pill.  

Another option that is popular in compounding, and really helpful in certain medications, is actually turning the medication into a cream.  With some conditions this is the best way to go.  In women’s health it can really help with Hormone replacement therapy, and in men’s health it can help with fungal infections or testosterone treatment.  Pain medications are also another good place to look at the advantages of compounding.  These medications are usually very tough on the GI tract, and by using compounding you may be able to alleviate some of the pressure there.  If your on chronic pain management think of switch your dozing in a nasal spray, topical gel, or dissolvable tablet they simply slip under the tongue.  It can help minimize some of the possible side effects that are common in chronic pain management.
Currently the advantages that compounding can bring to the table in the industry are not being fully looked at.  Hopefully we helped show you a few common conditions that come up where compounding is a good fit, and if you need it, do not hesitate to ask.  As a community pharmacy our first priority is our patients rather than some corporate office.  We appreciate the chance to be able to put our skills to use for you!

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