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In this modern era of online shopping, you should learn how to search for drugs online. This useful skill will save you time, hassle, and money. Your order will be delivered to you within 24 hours and in some pharmacies even faster. So, when you made an order in the morning, you can receive it in the evening.

North Central Pharmacy McKinney TX (CSAT: 4.3)
5080 Virginia Pkwy STE 550, McKinney, TX 75071, United States | (972) 540-9900 |

Without a doubt, the most ignorant, incompetent, unknowing, rude, careless, dishonest medical supply business in North America. They cannot even transfer inbound phone calls to the right area of the business. And when someone finally comes on the line they are clueless. I have had four terrible experiences with Brent-Air’s trying to get help for a physically challenged elderly relative with absolutely no success. Brent-Air’s could care less. I will never step foot inside that den of ignorance again. Pathetic!!!

Got a flu shot at North Central Pharmacy McKinney TX this afternoon. Staffs are super friendly. The process was fast, professional, and painless (yes, even the vaccine shot)! Several questions on my current health state and allergies prior to receiving the flu vaccine. No lengthy body check or wait time compared to going to a family doctor. Medical plans accepted. Highly recommend visiting for a protective flu shot this season. It will boost your immune system against certain flu viruses.

ViaQX Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.3)
6800 Virginia Pkwy, McKinney, TX 75071, United States | (972) 542-0010 |

I was forced to drive to Weatherford to pick up a medication that only this pharmacy had, and thank god they did. It was for a condition that is extremely rare for this area. Through all this, I was forced to deal with a brand new insurance company and doctor, and the pharmacy staff answered every challenge that the situation presented with flying colors and in stride, making a very uncomfortable experience much less painful. Thank you. You guys are amazing!

This ViaQX Pharmacy is the best!!! My Mama A is 90 yrs. old; they deliver all of her prescriptions on time from Franklin Square to Main St. I want her to utilize ordering their food products as well. Whenever I place a call, I’m not placed on hold, a human being actually answers the phone & their pharmacists are super! I highly recommend them; as a teacher, I give them an A+/100%! Thank you, Viaqx Pharmacy!

Apollo Pharmacy McKinney TX (CSAT: 5.0)
4987 W University Dr STE 120, McKinney, TX 75071, United States | (972) 542-6337 |

Always very slow at Apollo Pharmacy McKinney TX, no matter what time of day, there will be a huge line inside and outside with slow employees. AND they always try to charge me the wrong price for the same medication I pick up once a month.

If you want to know about a specific product, they are really helpful. The people in this drug store have been very praiseworthy. They had amazing service and an affordable price. Keep up with it!

Beaker Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.9)
7810 W Eldorado Pkwy Suite 200, McKinney, TX 75070, United States | (972) 972-4700 |

Beaker Pharmacy has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Poor customer service via phone; extremely rude, rushed, unclear, and unprofessional. Need to work on communication with customers.

Very professional, friendly staff. Always has refills ready to pick up. I love that this is one stop. They always have a complete amount of medication, and you do not need to come again for pending.

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McKenney, Tx

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